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by Chandler Travis

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Hoping for Christmas Maybe I'll find my way back home A time for forgiveness badly needed You're all I've got now As long as you're there I'll be just fine Miracles happen, and you're still mine It's snowing and so cold But knowing you like I do I'm hoping for Christmas Hope against hope we'll be alright Whoever's my witness Knows I'll always love you This will be different Baby please say I'm too late You're all I want this Christmas day
I've been workin', I know you have too When it finally comes around, we'll know just what to do with our Holiday (x6) I know it seems like forever but it's comin' soon And when it finally gets here we'll be right in tune with our Holiday (x6) I know you heard what I said Santa done messed with my head Holiday (etc.)
I used to like Christmas / And all of that noise We'd sing about Santa / And open our toys I used to like Christmas / It wasn't that bad Sometimes I still miss it / But now it's just sad But I'm still determined not to let it wreck the whole damn day I didn't wanna dress up (Sure that's true) Or comb my hair (I'm with you) But something from Remco (Remco's cool) Made everything square (He's no fool) Now everything's different (You don't say) Baby now that you're gone (Gone away) It only reminds me (I s'pose it would) I'm all on my own (I guess but) I'm just not gonna let it upset me I'm still determined not to let it wreck the whole damn day I used to like Christmas (Well, you would) It used to be good (not that good) Now you can take Christmas (take it away) Kinda wish that you would (all the live long day) Who cares about Christmas? (Here it comes) Well what if I do? (That's just dumb) It'll never be Christmas (Sure it will) If I don't have you (Aw, stuff it) I'm still not gonna let it upset me Even though I know Santa might forget me I'm still determined not to let it wreck the whole damn day
I can't take another sweaty Christmas I'm not in the mood to deck the halls I'm not going Christmas shopping For garbage for your Christmas stocking I will not be budging Nor sadly trudging through the malls No one's gonna die without these presents: A calendar; some soap; a stinking tie You can have your corn a popping For me this corny crap is stopping The madness of the season Is just another reason to cry They all think I'm such a grouch 'Cuz I don't wanna leave my couch Even though it's not safe here anyway You can't even trust your cable on a day like today Santa, Rudolph, Bing, and Crosby Jesus H. Christ -what's this costing Us in terms of mental stability? Think of all that shattered tranquility! And I can't take another sweaty Christmas You guys let me know when you're all through Not dawning any gay apparel The kiddies make me glad I'm sterile Hang those smelly reindeer Say you feel my pain, dear, too 'Cause you know in the end I'll only want to spend it with you
Holiday’s here / What is clear  Through the year without fail The minutia will always appear Here is one task / Much too long did it last  Didn't go all that fast (2nd time: Man, it all goes so fast!) I will now state / Clearly delineate  On this date what occurred Trouble did infiltrate The holiday trunk / Full of beautiful junk Later wine will be drunk I have this simple story to tell There was a trap and into it I fell Some things appear along with good cheer What gets me tied up in knots once again On unforeseen things you can surely depend Holiday task minutia will pass Stocking to pin / I begin A push pin, push it in / With the force of my thumb bone and skin Don’t wish to bore / But I must tell you more Th[en] it fell to the floor I must not fail / Fetch a nail I will wail with a hammer Alas, found my aim had gone stale What have I done / Gone and smashed my own thumb Reckless man, I’m the one I have this simple story to tell There was a trap and into it I fell Some things appear along with good cheer What gets me tied up in knots once again On unforeseen things you can surely depend Holiday task minutia will pass
Hang your stockings by the chimney with care 'Cuz you know the fat man will soon be there He'll treat you right, man, he'll treat you square on Christmas I'm thinking eggnog and mistletoe And we're overdue for some ho ho ho The sleigh is ready all we need is snow for Christmas day It's so hard to wait patiently When you know what's comin' Guess that's probably what the whiskey's for And this guitar I'm strummin' Once the children open all their toys It's time for all the older girls and boys To share some peace after all that noise on Christmas day
Standing over by the fireplace Evertime she laughs I have to look If you wanna hear about holiday I'm bettin' she wrote the book BRIDGE: Maybe she's feeling good because it's Christmas Maybe she just plain likes this time of year Every time Isee her I re-adjust my Christmas wishes Whatever makes her this happy, stsy right here CHORUS: It's a holiday I wanna rock Christmas this Christmas I wanna rock Christmas- it's a holiday I wanna rock Christmas this Christmas I wanna rock Christmas- it's a holiday Chestnuts roasting by an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose It seems to me a person with enough desire Could rollaway the buttons and bows BRIDGE / CHORUS
Well here it comes- it’s like a big steamroller Well here it comes- it’s like a big steamroller Holy roller Santa’s coming soon It’s probably Christmas on the moon Well deck them halls and ring them bells ‘Cause after all, it’s Christmas No time to fight, you’re bound to lose Before the might of Christmas time. It’s frightening… oh yeah Bring on the eats, it’s Christmas Get off the streets, it’s Christmas We’re making hay, it’s Christmas Get outta the way, it’s Christmas It takes all day, it’s Christmas
Hey Santa I got a long long list And I don't wanna be the house that you miss this year I hope you got a GPS And you still remember my address Hey I tend to worry I need a bat And somethin' that's ok to hit How 'bout a beer and a place to sit? Hey Santa I really hate to bring this up But there's times when you're a little off the mark I don't need nothin' that don't glow in the dark, I'm not kiddin' I got priorities Hey- I'm just sayin' I need shoes, a phone, a gun with water in it Time, a clue, and someone that's ok to shoot A car, a book, a bathtub, And every now and then I like a nice piece of fruit
Yes yes yes oui oui -Noelle! (x2) (CHORUS) Santa's getting' ready / to hit us with some toys I'm hopin' all the bad bad girls / Will talk to the bad bad boys and say CHORUS It's that time of the season / time to spread some cheer I want you to give me something baby / Something to last all year I want you to say CHORUS


released December 8, 2023

1- Hoping For Christmas
3- THE BUTTERCUPS- Christmas Is the Bomb
4- I Used To Like Christmas
5- Merry Christmas -There You Go!
6- Another Sweaty Christmas
8- Holiday Task Minutia
9- Christmas Day
10-I Wanna Rock Christmas
11- It’s Christmas

Rikki Bates, drums (except 12 and 13)
Jodi Birchall, ukulele, vocal- 7
Fred Boak (aka Frieda Boak), ukulele, vocal- 7, 10, 12, 13
Alex Brander, drums- 13
Jen Budryk, ukulele, vocal- 7
Mark Chenevert, tenor sax- 10
Dinty Child, mandocello, accordion- 1, 10, 12
John Clark, string bass (except 10- John Styklunas)
Phil Clements, keys- 12, 13
Catie Flynn, ukulele, vocal- 7
Dave Harris- tuba, trombones- 13
Kami Lyle, trumpet, vocal- 7, 12, 13
Berke McKelvey, keys, woodwinds- 6, 7, 9,12, 13
Bob Pilkington, trombones- 12, 13
Steve Shook, guitar, ukulele, lead voc- 7
Cliff Spencer, keys- 1
Keith Spring, keys- 10
Sarah Swain, ukulele, vocal (emeritus)- 7
John Wolf, trombone- 12, 13
Sam Wood, drums, 12
THE ATHOL THINGERTH, class of 2019- The Ticks (Emma Dubner, Sue LaVallee, and Julia Randall), Catie Flynn, Ding Donnelly (aka Stephen Russell), Sarah Burrill, and ???
Chandler Travis- the remainder

All songs written and recorded by Chandler Travis, BMI / Farfy Music, except:
“This Is No Time For Fun”- written by Steve Shook, Poodle Puppy Publishing / BMI;
Recorded and mixed by Jon Evans at Brick Hill
“Holiday Task Minutia”- lyric by David Greenberger
“Christmas Day”- additional recording by Chris Blood at Trout Towers
“Hey Santa” and “Yes, Yes, Yes, Mais Oui, Noelle”, and the drums for "It's Christmas" recorded live by Chris Blood at the 2015, 2019, and 2009 Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcades (respectively)


all rights reserved



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