Waving Kissyhead Vol. 1

by Chandler Travis Philharmonic



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"Waving Kissyhead Vol. 1" is the appetizer for the Chandler Travis Philharmonic's forthcoming full-length opus, "Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2", due just in time for your holiday shopping needs, and finds the CTP in full-blown, raucous party mode -adult beverages all but mandatory!

The EP opens with "E", a bone-rattling history of the E chord from pre-historic times right up to the present, before posing the provocative question, "if your wife and your mother were drowning, which one would you save?", on the the age-old calypso classic, "Your Wife and Mother." Things take an almost thoughtful turn on "Human", as the CTP ruminates about the malevolence of the human species, before concluding, on "Make Yourself Happy", that a little do-it-yourself might be the way to go.

Just four cuts, but hopefully a short but welcome recess from reason, responsibility, and complexity of any kind. You're welcome!

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released September 1, 2016

Rikki Bates- drums
Fred Boak- bg vox; lead voc, 4
Dinty Child- mandocello, accordion; bg vox; lead voc, 4
John Clark- string bass
Berke McKelvey- saxophones; bg vox, 1, 2, & 4
Mike Peipman- trumpet; bg vox, 1, 2, & 4
Bob Pilkington- trombone; bg vox, 1, 2, & 4
Cliff Spencer- keys
Chandler Travis- guitars, vox, remainder

John Styklunas- electric bass, 1
Steve Wood- guitar, 3
Ducky Carlisle- bg vox, 1

All songs written by Chandler Travis (Farfy/ BMI)
except 3 by Chandler Travis & Gip Hoppe (Farfy, BMI)
and 2 by Edwards Rupie (Haka Taka Music / BMI)

Basics recorded at Dimension in Jamaica Plain, MA. by Ducky Carlisle with Joe Stewart, Nov. 10, 2013, and mixed at Ice Station Zebra, Medford, MA. by Ducky Carlisle, plus overdubs at Kelp Manor (among other places) by Chandler Travis.


all rights reserved



Chandler Travis Philharmonic Massachusetts

THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC is a 9-piece technicolor extravaganza from Boston that includes a horn section, string bass, mandocello, guitar, keys, drums, accordion, and valet. George Carlin and NRBQ are among their longtime supporters; others include Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Of Montreal, Ween, and yer mother. ... more

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Track Name: E
Here's that chord you wanted
Here's that chord called “E”
Here's that chord you wanted
What more do you want from me?!?
CHORUS: It's E! (Eeeeeeee!!)
Five zillion years ago,
When the world was still a swamp
Back before anyone even tried to be good
Back when there was nothing to talk about
I'm talking about way way back (way back!)
I said way back (way back!)
Back before trees got legs
Back when bugs was big
Something with a skull
And something like a backbone
Rose up out of the tarpit
I said he rose up out of the tarpit
I said he rose!!!
CHORUS: It's E! (Eeeeeeee!!)
And then civilization came along
And tried to make that scream into a song
Took that same old thing they used to play
And yuppified it into A
And that worked for a little while,
'Cause everybody likes to be modern
But then they started getting a little restless
And then they were getting a little bored
And then they wanted more!
So scientists developed the C chord
A chord that would go with anything!
A brand new Kellogg's-like breakfast chord!
This led to radios and morning shows
Which led to desperation! (Desperation!)
Shininess! (Shininess!)
Exercise! (Exercise!)
Skiing! (Skiing!)
Oh, no!
They didn't wanna go back!
You couldn't drag 'em back!
Till there was no choice!
No choice and nothing but
CHORUS: It's E! (Eeeeeeee!!)
Well, you can B flat,
But F,
If you really wanna C sharp,
CHORUS: It's E! (Eeeeeeee!!)
Track Name: Your Wife and Mother
If your wife and your mother was drowning tell me which one would you save?
Would you save your dear wife, or the mother that gave you birth?
Remember, you can get another wife but you can never get another mother
So tell me, my friend, which one would you save?
Would you save your wife? (no no no)
Or would you save your mother (now you're talking to me, friend)
Would you save your wife? (no no no)
Or would you save your mother (now you're talking to me, friend)
Remember, you can get another wife but you can never get another mother
So tell me, my friend, which one would you save?
Track Name: Human
Got opposite thumbs / And a taste for meat
I walk upright / On my own two feet
Need shelter / Got glass and steel
Need to travel / Got a rubber wheel
My brain is so big / Barely fits in my skull
Communicate / Via miracle
Made up a box / Called it Pandora
Opened it up / Savored its aura

CHORUS: I’m human / You man?
Me man / It's true man

Took the atom / And made it split
Then roasted a pig / In an open pit
Got a Satellite / Right up above me
Gives me tweets / From David Duchovny
Dug up the iron / Melted it down
Made a big shovel / and buried my town
Took a hollow stick / Flled it with ink
Wrote down what God said / Didn’t even blink

Track Name: Make Yourself Happy
If you're looking for someone to make you happy
You're looking in the wrong place- you've got to
Make yourself happy / make yourself happy
You got plenty of time, plus you're easy to find
So put a smile on your own damn face
You don't have to be a hermit you don't have to be a monk
But good luck on finding someone else to straighten out your junk
Make yourself happy (x 2)
You don't have to go far, and you've already got your own car
Give romance a little break
Give yourself some flowers or give yourself some meat
No one knows better when you need a little treat
Make yourself happy (x 2)
Don't be begging for bones, you've got stand up on your own
Two feet if you wanna feel reet
If they rock your world, you're gonna wanna make a fuss
But don't be disappointed when they're only one of us
Make yourself happy (x 2)
Like it says in the song, you shoulda saw it comin' all along
Just be glad you got a seat