1. Bocce & Bourbon
    Chandler Travis & David Greenberger

  2. This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater
    Chandler Travis Three-O

  3. Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!

  4. Catbirds Say Yeah
    The Catbirds

  5. Viborate
    The Catbirds

  6. Eponymously Entitled
    Various Artists

  7. The Petite 7 Inch Record
    Various Artists

  8. After She Left
    Chandler Travis

  9. January b/w Drunk Angry People Shut Up
    Chandler Travis Three-O

  10. The Essential Travis, Shook and The Club Wow
    Travis, Shook and The Club Wow

  11. Tarnation and Alastair Sim (a/k/a 'Kitty')

  12. Llama Rhymes

  13. Let's Have a Pancake!

  14. Ivan In Paris
    Chandler Travis

  15. writer-songsinger
    Chandler Travis

  16. His Lavender Silhouette
    Chandler Travis

  17. Hi! I'm Lippy Blappinklappy!
    Lippy Blappinklappy

  18. T-Shirt - Blows!

  19. T-Shirt - CTP May Not Totally Blow?

  20. Rip Your Mother
    Incredible Casuals

  21. World Championship Songs: 1980 - 2007
    Incredible Casuals

  22. Nature Calls
    Incredible Casuals

  23. Your Sounds
    Incredible Casuals

  24. That's That (Japanese Reissue)
    The Incredible Casuals

  25. It Is Balloon
    Incredible Casuals

  26. Y' Gotta Have the Mental (RadioBall #2)

  27. Rocket Travis Infinity Caravan 2000 (RadioBall #3)

  28. Miss America Presents (RadioBall #4)

  29. Let's Music, Volume One (RadioBall #5)

  30. Taffy Shoot (RadioBall #6)

  31. Dogsuit, Volume One (RadioBall #7)
    Chandler Travis

  32. The Dog Ate My Album (RadioBall #8)

  33. Bosoms (RadioBall #9)

  34. The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow (RadioBall #11)
    Incredible Casuals

  35. Live at Bickford's (RadioBall #12)

  36. Monkeys of Nothings (RadioBall #13)

  37. Weekend on Mt. Cod (RadioBall #14)
    Travis & Shook

  38. Let's Music, Volume 2 (RadioBall #15)

  39. Introducing... (RadioBall #18)

  40. Dogsuit, Volume Two (RadioBall #19)
    Chandler Travis

  41. You Must Come Over To-Night (RadioBall #20)
    Chandler Travis

  42. Le Spectacle dans le Lizarde (RadioBall #21)

  43. Lester (RadioBall #22)

  44. Live at Bubala's (RadioBall #23)
    Chandler Travis Philharmonette

  45. Yearbook '04 (RadioBall #24)
    Incredible Casuals

  46. I'm a Fool for Christmas (RadioBall #25)
    Chandler Travis Philharmonic and Friends

  47. In Our Room (RadioBall #26)
    Chandler Travis Philharmonette and Guests

  48. Another Christmas Gift For You From Sonic Trout Records
    the Recording Artists of Sonic Trout Records

  49. It's Christmas Time! (Inedible Casserole #5)
    Incredible Casuals

  50. hi there. (Inedible Casserole #1)
    Incredible Casuals

  51. New Hats For Summer (Inedible Casserole #2)
    Incredible Casuals

  52. There Goes Five Dollars (Inedible Casserole #3)
    Incredible Casuals

  53. Sammy Davis Jr. (Inedible Casserole #4)
    Incredible Casuals

  54. The Casserole of Death (Inedible Casserole #6)
    Incredible Casuals

  55. Parsley, Sage, Suffer and Leroy (Inedible Casserole #7)
    Incredible Casuals

  56. First Warm Day
    The Incredible Chandler Travis Catualbirdomonic

  57. Drunk Angry People Shut Up b/w January
    Chandler Travis Three-O

  58. Gonna Keep Drivin'
    The Catbirds

  59. Raw Blarney!

  60. Song of the Weak!!! 2016
    Chandler Travis

  61. Song of the Weak!!! 2015
    Chandler Travis

  62. Song of the Weak!!! 2014
    Chandler Travis

  63. The Evolution of Disappointment
    Chandler Travis

  64. Song of the Weak!!!
    Chandler Travis

  65. Song of the Weak!!! - Christmas Edition

  66. Railroad of the Weak!!!
    Chandler Travis

  67. 2013 Desk Calendar

  68. Nokomis
    Rabbit Rabbit w/ Chandler Travis


Chandler Travis Philharmonic Massachusetts

THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC is a 9-piece technicolor extravaganza from Boston that includes a horn section, string bass, mandocello, guitar, keys, drums, accordion, and valet. George Carlin and NRBQ are among their longtime supporters; others include Bonnie Raitt, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Of Montreal, Ween, and yer mother. ... more

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